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 Welcome to the Server! (MUST READ)

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Server! (MUST READ)   Thu 21 May 2009, 1:26 pm

Open 24/7 Now ~

Please vote.

To Join, Read the other posts in News and Announcements.

- Features -
* No Lag

* All Godswords with Real Special
* 100% Duel Arena (Staking,Rules,and ability to disable armor slots)
* Training
* Amazing hybriding
* Autocasting
* Barrows
* Pest Control
* Clan Chat
* Skilling
* Slayer with Tasks
* God Wars
* Dagannoth Kings
* Chaos Elemental
* Fight Pits
* Jad
* Obelisks that teleport you around in wild
* Split Private Chat
* Duping Fixed
* Emotes
* Trade with no Bugs
* Custom Ultimate-PvP point shop
* Perfect Pking!

More Features:
Fight Caves
Quite a few skills
All 474 items
All pots work
All food work
100% Potion dose mixing
Base for skill menus
Piety + chivalry
Perfect prayer draining
Custom infinity/mage book minigame
Working obelisks
Perfect prayer draining and protection prayer delay in pvp
Working slayer
working Pest Control no bugs
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Welcome to the Server! (MUST READ)
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