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 Undead <Jimmy> Mod App

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Nub :)
Nub :)

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Undead <Jimmy> Mod App Empty
PostSubject: Undead <Jimmy> Mod App   Undead <Jimmy> Mod App EmptyMon 22 Jun 2009, 1:48 am

[MOD]Application Format

Name: Jimmy
Age: 14

Activity: (How active are you? hrs/ perday or hrs/ p week)
Well Im Usually On About 3-8 Hours A Day Random Times Smile

1. How will you benefit our server? I Will Benifit By Making Sure Hackers, Bots, and People Who Want To Mess Up The Server Are Perm Banned/Reported To Owner
2. Previous [MOD] experience? Well My Past Mod Experiences Include 1 Co-Owner, 2 Mod, 3 Admin Positions. Unfortunately The Servers Were Shut Down. The Co-Owner Was On My Friends Server But He Couldnt Keep It Up And Only About 35 People Played So He Shut It Down It Was Named Antidisistablishmentarianism-Scape..... Its Like Some Desease From Breathing In Volcanic Ash Idk Why He Named IT That....My Admin Positions Were On... DownsX, XX-Scape, and Elephant-Scape [All Closed Down]...I Dont Remember The Names of The Other 2 Servers...Eh
3. What is your specialities? (coding, detecting hackers?) Detecting Hackers And Going Undercover x3 and I Used To Code But Im No Good Any More Sad I Coded A Couple Years Ago When My Dad Showed Me When He Took A Job With A Computer Animations Company...He Quit And I Wasnt Good And I Was 11 Lol Razz
If you were chosen as CXDestiny's [MOD], how dedicate will you be? (How much you will be into the server). I Guess A Little More Razz Idk But Yah
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Undead <Jimmy> Mod App
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