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 Application Format, Thank you for reading

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Application Format, Thank you for reading Empty
PostSubject: Application Format, Thank you for reading   Application Format, Thank you for reading EmptyFri 26 Jun 2009, 5:53 am

[MOD]Application Format

Name:Lance Ryans

Activity: I am only active at nights, well mostly all the nights, it is a good opportunity for me because i can be active at nights for the new players.

1. How will you benefit our server? I will benefit the server by voting at least twice a day or by coding the server ( if the owner wants me to )
2. Previous [MOD] experience? Actually before i was an admin, before our server was brought down by jagex, it was a sad tragedy, because all my hardwork was for nothing
3. What is your specialities? (coding, detecting hackers?) my specialty is detecting the people who disobey the rules, duping, hacking, using the server as a bait....
If you were chosen as CXDestiny's [MOD], how dedicate will you be? (How much you will be into the server). as much as i possibly can, that is why i was the most active administrator before, thank you for reading,
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Application Format, Thank you for reading
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