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Nub :)
Nub :)

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PostSubject: application/garrettbruna   application/garrettbruna EmptyFri 19 Jun 2009, 5:21 am


Activity: (How active are you? hrs/ per day or hrs/ p week)I usually can squeeze 1-4 hours in per day. maybe 5-10 a week

1. How will you benefit our server?Anything you need done, I'm your man
2. Previous [MOD] experience? None but would like some.
3. What is your specialties? (coding, detecting hackers?) "Rule/law breakers" i would make it a fair environment for everybody and not exclude my friends, exc.
George (friend): **** you@!
John (non-friend): no **** you!@
i wouldn't just ban john i would ban/ mute both of them(depends on the cause).
If you were chosen as CXDestiny's [MOD], how dedicate will you be? (How much you will be into the server). it depends what time the server is up, i can also be a forums mod

---- Any further questions feel free to, private message me. Smile

-Garrett Bruna

(C) hazitor
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